Thoughts about the Current Real Estate Market

1.     The last two homes I sold in 2018 needed new roofs and they were replaced before closing.

2.     It’s a seller’s market. Most houses are moving quickly.

3.     An FHA loan has mortgage insurance for life. If you are going to sell in a few years, 
       this may not be important. If you plan to live in your house forever, I recommend you go conventional.

4.     Modern manufactured homes hold up well but the because of almost double 
       the insurance cost, I think the cost is not worth it.

5.     Because houses are moving so quickly, you should have a loan pre-approval ready before you start looking.

6.     More and more sellers will NOT look at your offer without a loan pre-approval.

7.     New Braunfels home prices continue to rise. It is hard to get even a 1200 sq. ft.  for under $200,000.

8.     We are one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. If you are moving here 
       and still working, consider traffic conditions when you buy.

9.     One of my sellers was considering removing her solid oak cabinets and replacing them with modern 
       white fiber board ones just because white is the IN color at the moment. 
       I suggested she not do this and her house still went under contract in less than two weeks. 
       Do not spend money when you don’t need to do so.(I will discuss needed repairs with you).

10.    Every house I sold in 2018 appraised at sales price. This is not always the case. If you are pushing the price limit
       and get two offers, one for, say, $290,000 cash and one for $300,000 loan, you should strongly 
       consider the cash offer as they seldom get an appraisal done.

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