I decided to get my prescriptions filled at Walgreens instead of Walmart...... so I could use the drive up window. The price at Walgreens was over $80. The pharmacist was very nice and called Walmart and when I picked it up there, it was $16.
Then I needed to put my laptop in the shop; I was going to take it to a geek shop but I was late so I took it into Office Depot. They worked on it for about half an hour and didn't charge me anything.
I saved about $65 at Walmart and probably another $75 for the laptop.....a total of $140.00!ype your paragraph here.


When I first became a Realtor the sales manager said "If someone is angry or talks about suing when you go to list their house, walk away. It will be nothing but trouble." Shortly after that I went to list a house and that is exactly what happened. I listed it anyway and got it sold at a good price, but the owner was angry with everyone, including me, and it was nasty.

​A year after that I went  to list another house where the owner was irate and ranting about the  previous agent. I listened for awhile and said I had to leave. He said "Wait, we have to fill out the papers." I said no, even though he promised not to yell at me. Did good there.

​Recently a bitterly divorcing couple asked me to list their house. One of them wanted me and the other another agent. They were fighting about everything. I walked away.